Advanced Editing can edit a wide variety of manuscripts, ranging in style, layout, target audience, and subject. We are equipped to handle the most technical of scientific writing as well as mass-audience web content. Here are just a few examples of what we can edit:

  • University theses
  • Research journal articles (including figures, tables, and captions)
  • Book manuscripts
  • Corporate internal documents
  • Press releases
  • Web pages
  • Blog posts
  • University admission applications* (see below)

If your type of manuscript is not listed above, please contact us for more information. Chances are that we can edit your document.

We offer two levels of services:

    1. Copyediting is our more popular service. We will refine your writing so that it follows all conventions of good writing, making sure the manuscript’s syntax is smooth, that the writing adheres to the conventions of grammar, that wording is proper and precise, and punctuation is appropriate and correctly placed. We will also check for consistency in your tone, language, and ideas; suggest reorganizing; and generally ensure that your writing is free of any errors that distract the reader from your message. Please note that the copyediting service includes all of the services outlined under proofreading.

    2. Proofreading is intended for manuscripts that have already been looked over by a copyeditor. Under proofreading, we will ensure that your writing is consistent in grammar usage and tone, that there are no spelling errors, and that your writing is free of any obvious errors that may distract a reader from your message.

*By popular demand, Advanced Editing now also offers university admissions consulting. Our editors have years of experience in the American university admission process, and we know what admissions committees look for in applicants’ resumes and essays. We can help tailor your resume and essays, step-by-step, to impress admissions officers at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. This service includes helping you generate ideas for essay topics, organizing essays, polishing your writing, and properly highlighting your achievements. We can also help you structure your resume/CV for maximum impact. We welcome international studentsContact us today for more details.

Please see the pricing page for details on our rates.

Turnaround Time:

We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality edits to customers as soon as possible. Manuscripts under eight pages will generally be delivered in under three business days. Every four pages above that will require an extra business day. Expedited editing is also available for an added fee, delivering most edited manuscripts to you in under 48 hours. Please contact us for more details on expedited delivery.